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Play, a potato chip-y pattern on my needles, and our upcoming Winter Celebration!

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Dear Reader,

One of the things I dreaded when Claire stopped working here at Making Stories was Instagram. I really enjoy doing Stories, but when it comes to posting on the grid, it felt so daunting. The platform has changed so much compared to when I first started using it - 7, 8 years ago - and especially Reels were well outside my comfort zone.

Surprisingly enough, I've been really, really enjoying making them. I'm not sure if they're good (well, but who's judging what's good and what's not?), but it brings me a lot of joy selecting photos and video snippets I've recorded throughout the day, browsing for music that makes me feel what I want to feel when watching the reel, and then posting them. It feels a little bit like when Stories were new and a wonderful space to play!

So let this be your gentle reminder to play and enjoy and be pleasantly surprised. There are magical things just around the corner, or when you least expect them!

Today's reel was all about patterns that you can knit with 5 skeins of Forge - or significantly less. Take a look!


Hanna Lisa

Forge - Projects with 5 Skeins or (Significantly) Less

We sold out of quite a few sweater quantities of Forge already, so I put together a Pinterest board - and said reel - to showcase what you can knit with 1 - 5 skeins. I also really wanted to make that board because I know that Forge (and Weld, its little sibling, both by Hudson + West) is not widely known yet in Europe, and committing to a sweater quantity for a yarn you don't know can be a bit much.

Luckily, Forge is excellent for hats! And I was pleasantly surprised to find that not even 5 skeins will also give you a slipover, a huge shawl, a cozy pullover. You can shop Forge here, and see the full board by clicking on the link below.

Join us for our annual Winter Celebration!

Yes, it's almost that time of the year again - our annual Winter Celebration will be here before we know it! Every year, we invite you to create a little ritual for yourself during an otherwise intense season - five minutes every day, just for you.

In order to help with that, we create a virtual Winter Celebration - a little "door", if you will, to open every day from December 1 to 10. A little gift, from us to you. A recipe, a song, a photo, a surprise.

This year, for the first time ever, we've paired up with a handful of amazing makers to add a physical component to our Winter Celebration - the Winter Celebration Box! A box filled to the brim with beautiful, sustainable, usable things, one for each day of the Winter Celebration. An invitation to make a cup of tea, sit down on the sofa, and gently unwrap the day's present.

I'd love to invite you to sign up for our Winter Celebration Email List now. It's where we'll share the "doors" every day, and also where we'll announce our preorders for the box. The virtual component will always be free, but I'm so excited about the box because there are truly so many stunning things in there. I can't wait to share more with you!

New on the needles: Lueur Shawl

I really, really need a new shawl, and the other day I was in the shower when the perfect pattern / yarn combo hit me - I love it when that happens! (Also, I know have a picture in my head of our toddler throwing yarn at me while I'm in the shower. Welcome to my brain.)

Meet: Lueur - from Issue 8, by the lovely Audrey Borrego - in Hudson + West Weld, colorways Gold Leaf (MC) and Aspen (CC). And I AM SO IN LOVE. I seriously cannot put this down. The photo is from yesterday early-ish afternoon (hence the afternoon sun making the yarn almost yellow), and I have about four times as much now, just after re-watching the last episode of Rings of Power yesterday evening. It's the best potato-chip-y pattern I've knit in a while. Can't wait to get back to it!

New on the blog: What Can You Knit with Our New Yarns?

On the heels of our most recent yarn launch - have you checked out Forge and Weld yet? - I'm back on the blog with a post filled with pattern inspiration.

(Not so) secretly, writing these is one of my favorite things! I just LOVE a good knitting pattern, and I really enjoy dreaming of future cast ons.

We obviously have a back catalogue of wonderful patterns in our magazine, ebooks and books that would work well with these two yarns, but we also decided to carry a selection of Hudson + West's own patterns for Forge and Weld. Why? Because they're designed for the exact yarn specs - and they're absolutely stunning!

We carry both their brand-new Autumn / Winter 2022 Collection as well as their Top 10 Patterns.

Last, but not least...

... have you heard of our Making Stories Collective yet? If not, and you have 5 minutes to spare, head over here and read up on it.

If you like what we do and you want us to stick around, this is a really good option to support us!