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On goodbyes, Socktober, and new arrivals.

published2 months ago
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Dear Reader,

this week's newsletter is a mix of sad and happy news - we're saying goodbye, we're welcoming fall and all cozy hand-knit socks, and are preparing for a new arrival.

Let's start with the sad news: Our wonderful, dear Claire is leaving the Making Stories team.

We’ll have a transition period for the podcast and handover in October, but as of today, it’ll be me in your inbox and on Instagram. It still feels unreal for all of us that this is happening - Claire has been with us for four years, and became not only an integral part of Making Stories, but a very, very dear friend of mine as well during that time. I am incredibly thankful to her - for putting up with all of the changes we went through, for being her effervescent, sparkly self, for letting me be me in the best and worst of times, and for putting her heart and soul into this work.

This goodbye is - as far as goodbyes go - a very, very good one. Over the last few months, it became clear to both Claire and I that the end of this road might be nearing. We made the decision to part ways together, and while it was incredibly sad for both of us, it also felt very organic. Claire needs something else in her life than what I / Making Stories can provide at the moment, and I am so grateful to her for opening up the conversation about this, and for holding space for me to come to the same conclusion she had gotten to. Please do keep an eye on her space - @flossiknits - because she has some amazing things in the works! And if you need a freelance digital designer - Canva graphics, website, you name it - reach out to her. She is AMAZING.

Which brings me to this: Claire, you wonderful, warm, loving friend. You saved me countless times over the last few years. You gave me the strength to carry on when I thought I couldn’t do this anymore. You told me to rest when you saw me at my breaking point. You laughed with me so, so hard, you made Making Stories to what it is today, you gave it your all and then some. “Grateful” doesn’t even come close to what I’m feeling. I cannot wait to see where you go next, and stand at the sidelines, and cheer, and have conversations about what we want to change next in the world. I love you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Hanna Lisa

In other news: Celebrating Socktober!

Handknit socks are a recipe to combat heartbreak, if you ask me. Choosing your favorite pair, pulling them on over a cozy pair of leggings, and cuddling up under a warm blanket with a candle lit - bliss. It only gets better when you then cast on a new pair of socks while you're at it!

Which is why we're bringing back our beloved Socktober celebration! Until Oct 7, with every purchase of sock yarn in our shop, we gift you a copy of our Socks Collection.

No need to do anything - just choose the yarns you love (Mominoki is going fast!) and check out, and we'll email the PDF to you.

PS: YES, this offer is also valid for our remaining October Sock Boxes! We're down to 4 Boxes and 2 Subscriptions! Get them here.

Coming next week...

An FO, waiting in a pile for its blocking bath, in an INCREDIBLE yarn. Coming soon, so soon!!

Last, but not least...

... you know how much I love reading your reviews! They're always so thoughtful and full of love. Thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to write one, and to even take a picture of what you're making with our yarns to go with it!

Here's Bettina about her Sock Box (they shipped out last week so subscribers in Germany might have gotten theirs already!):

I got my sock box!!! Living in Berlin I was lucky to get it today, and I’m not going to tell details of the content, just: a big thank you to Hanna Lisa, I see your carefully loving work with every item and I am delighted.
The yarn is so beautiful, the colors are perfect for the season, and the fine shine and the softness , which comes from that silk-ramie-add to the wool, are gorgeous. I love Ramie, not so often used being a tricky raw material, as far as I know.
I am having a tea and trying to decide about which sock pattern to choose, they are all very special and look like giving a lot of fun while knitting them..
I am looking forward for more boxes to come!