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On a hunt for my inspiration - at least we have a new podcast episode, and a sneak peek!

published2 months ago
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Dear Reader,

I am searching for my inspiration. Usually, when the time of the week comes to write this newsletter, there's a little spark - an idea in my head, a picture that has stuck with me, a feeling that I want to share. This week, nothing.

And that's okay. We can't force creativity. The only thing we can do is show up consistently. A row every day, even if our knitting mojo has left us. A sentence every morning, even if we don't feel like writing. A few brushstrokes, even if all we want to do is curl up and watch Netflix.

Whenever I feel lost or burnt out, I try to make space for a daily ritual like this. Even - especially - when I don't feel like it. (Which, well, reminds me that I need to break out my yoga mat. Because I really don't feel like it, and that's usually when I need it the most.)

That's of course no hard and fast rule - I don't want you to force yourself to do something that you don't feel like at all! It's more of a permission slip - it's okay to not feel creative or sparkly or energized. Find those pockets of joy, those little daily rituals that help ground you, and the creativity, the spark, the energy will come back.

Hanna Lisa x

Kits are leaving this week!

Our Issue 8 Kits are leaving the webshop at the end of September! The individual yarns - should we still have some in stock - will still be available, but the ease of shopping for exactly the right yarn amount (with a little bit extra for swatching) for your size will be gone.

We're sold out of Acorn Kits, but we still have a couple of Orlina Sweater Kits and Pyrite Sweater Kits available!

I love, love, love reading your reviews and this one came in this morning, from our wonderful customer Claire (not our very own Claire!) about the Pyrite Kit - she got the Autumn colorway:

I was able to get the kit just before the release of Issue 8 and thought this would be a true challenge project based on the picture. Turns out the pattern is so clear that it's much more fun than challenging. I couldn't be happier with the yarn. It is substantial but not too heavy and blocks out very soft with incredible stitch definition. The color was true to the photos in issue and online. I'm super excited to be wearing this beauty very soon.

Episode 38: Campfire KAL & Getting Ready for Socktober!

We're back with a new podcast episode over on our Youtube channel! We're sharing our Campfire KAL cast ons, what's next on our knitting needles, and what we have planned for Socktober. Get your current WIP, a cup of coffee, and settle in for a lovely knitting chat with us!

New on my needles: A sneak peek!

After finishing my Fire Shadows hat (YES! FO pictures coming!), I knew exactly what needed to get on my needles next. It's a sneaky sneek peek - if you like what you see, watch this space in October! - and I cannot. put. it. down.

That stitch definition. That bounce. That combination of sheepy goodness and squishability!

Last, but very certainly not least...

... we're down to our very last October Sock Boxes! As I'm writing this, we only have 1 October Sock Set, 4 October Sock Boxes, and 2 A Year of Socks Subscriptions left. Get them while they're still available!