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Crafting warmth, creating a loving ritual, and saying goodbye.

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Dear Reader,

In these months that are getting colder and colder, I am more thankful than ever for the ability to clothe my family. Literally. Every stitch that I knit on Aurin's new winter sweater reminds me how grateful I am for being able to craft something that will keep him warm. For a long time, knitting has felt like a luxury to me, like self-care, like something I do because I enjoy it. Now I do it because we need warm clothes.

Here in Germany, gas - and therefore heating - prices have gone through the roof as we're becoming independent from Russian gas imports. So far, it looks as we will be able to make it through winter - not we as a family, but the entire country - with the gas reserves we have, but saving / not using it is essential. Which means we haven't switched on our heating yet, and so where in previous years I would have pulled out my hand-knit sweaters maybe in November, they've been in heavy rotation already for over a month.

Aurin's sweater is progressing nicely, and it makes me so happy to know that he'll be wearing something I made and loved making and that he's so, so excited about already. In the queue is another cardigan for me, and I have dreams of making a worsted-weight sweater for David before the year ends. (Can I do it?)

Crafting warmth. Out of necessity, but with a lot of love.


Hanna Lisa

Winter Celebration Boxes are here!

This project has brought me so, so much joy over the past few months. I had the best time selecting and testing the products I chose for our first-ever Winter Celebration Box, and every time a new parcel arrived here, it felt a little bit like already opening a gift.

Every Winter Celebration Box contains 10 gifts, one for each day of the Winter Celebration. It's designed for knitters (yes, there will be yarn!) and all products are made with 100% natural ingredients and by makers and companies who care as much about this planet and its people as we do.

Claire's final podcast episode - it's time...

Hello friends, it's Claire here! This week's podcast episode is a little bittersweet. It's my last episode of the podcast as I'm leaving Making Stories after four wonderful years. But it's the best goodbye possible, and we're having a jolly time chatting all about our knits, sharing why I'm leaving, and what that means for the podcast going forward (don't worry, it's not going anywhere!).

I just want to say a huge thank you for all of your love and support during my time here. It's be so lovely being a part of the podcast, and Making Stories in general. I know the podcast will continue to be just as fun, and while I may not be on it any more, I'll be tuning in alongside you all to hear all the news, and see all the fun things on Hanna Lisa's needles!

A huge thank you to my wonderful co-host, I'll miss you Hanna Lisa!

Lots of love, Claire xxx

Progress on my needles: Aurin's Sweater

Well, I can't really share all that in the intro of the newsletter without showing you the actual sweater, can I?

I absolutely adore this, so let's talk about it! The pattern is TinCan Knits' Flax Light, but with a few modifications: I'm omitting the garter panel on the sleeves, making half-twisted ribbing instead of 1x1 rib, and created a folded neckband which is the coziest thing on earth.

The yarn, though. Oh, the yarn. A couple months ago, my friends over at Garthenor launched a limited edition yarn called Teifi, inspired by their move from the family farm to Cardigan. When I saw this blue-white marl in their Stories, I immediately texted Jonny and said "how good would this be in a sweater for Aurin paired with just the blue for a contrast color??" And then - lovelies, and then. When I came to Unravel to help with their booth, a tote bag was waiting for me. With this yarn. WHAT. Yarn friends are amazing. (THANK YOU, Jonny & Sally!)

So! The body of the sweater is knit in Teifi, colorway Meander 06, and the neckline, hem and future cuffs in Pentland, colorway Paphos. We don't stock these yarns, but they do, and they're really, really good!

Last, but not least...

... have you heard of our Making Stories Collective yet? If not, and you have 5 minutes to spare, head over here and read up on it.

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